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“Calixto Bieto and his playwright, Marc Rosich, imagined the story as the dream of a blind girl Eliseu, the blind organist, a character unrelated to the original story, performed by Alicia Ferrer, actress and graceful musician although she never happens to leave the confines of the organ corner.” Santiago Fondevila ("La Vanguardia", 29/09/2007)

 “Here’s a first success: the agility that gives the flow of scenes (…) and the imagination of the blind pianist Eliseu (Alicia Ferrer, who in between fainting gently sings from a corner)” (El Triangle", 03/03/2008)

“...Performances are round… not only excellent players, but very good singers… I would like to highlight Begoña Alberdi, arrogant as the Empress, and Alicia Ferrer, magnificent as Eliseu, the blind organist...” P. Gutiérrez ("Expresso", 11/12/2008)

“In addition to the singing of sopranos, contraltos, tenors and baritones, the organ is majestically played on stage by Eliseu, the blind organist” Pablo Espinosa ("La Jornada", 11/12/2008)

"...part of the success of this Gaudí is through the interpretation, where we must name the voices and performances of Alicia Ferrer, Mone and Xavier Ribera-Vall." Gonzalo Pérez de Olaguer ("el Periódico", 2/10/02)

"...superb Alicia Ferrer and Mone, in different registers (the former more operatic, the latter more theatrical) but ideally complementary to represent the mother and the great love of Gaudí." Xavier Cester ("Avui", 2/10/02)

"...the scholarship for studies of the Accademia Lirica of the Rotary International brings to Milan the elegant and lovely Alicia Ferrer, lyric soprano from Barcelona, with good potencial." Vera Ambra ("Opera Lirica", agosto´02)

"...beautiful voices. The elegance and maturity of the mezzo-soprano Àngels Busquets, and the grace and beautiful expressiveness with Alicia Ferrer..." J.M.C. ("L´independant", 20/5/01)

"...a Juliet with not only the delicious voice, but also the performance of Alicia Ferrer that makes it suggestively convincing". Sergio Balseyro ("La verdad" 14/3/98)

"...among thirty-something actors it is apparent the differences in interpretative quality. Particularly I drew attention to the delicate voice of Alicia Ferrer and the generous display of Víctor Ullate." Julio Bravo ("A.B.C", 20/12/97)

"...Alicia Ferrer, able to electrify with her "Caro Nome", demonstrated her undoubted class as a performer". Roger Alier ("La Vanguardia", 27/9/97)

"...The cast was at its high point with the Gilda of Alicia Ferrer, with an undeniable taste in the phrasing". Xavier Cester ("Avui", 27/9/97)